NuData’s Behavioural Biometrics System Offers Passive Authentication

iStock_BrainBiometric security provider NuData Security will be showing off its behavioral analysis system, NuDetect, at the Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas. The system uses behavioural biometrics to analyze security risks and fraud threats posed to users.

It’s a relatively new and somewhat unusual form of biometric security analysis, relying on the user-specific subconscious patterns of behavior that emerge through repetitive human actions such as typing, scrolling, holding a phone, and so on. With a reliable set of data to use as a standard for each user, the system can then detect unusual behavior and identify it as a security risk.

Ryan Wilk, NuData’s Director of Customer Success, notes that it’s a “passive assessment” that “runs unnoticed, never interrupting a user’s site visit,” and noting that it “has the potential to significantly reduce the damages victims of any breach suffer, adding an additional layer of protection when they need it most.”.

It could be part of a growing branch of biometric security; a similar technology is being developed by the growing start-up Socure, which tracks users’ online social behaviour in pursuit of identity authentication. Meanwhile, a Raytheon engineer recently patented technology for a biometric mouse that authenticates users’ identities based on how they grip the mouse, very much like NuData’s efforts to monitor how users physically interact with their devices. In any case, the Money20/20 conference will provide NuData with an opportunity to network with numerous industry professionals who might be of help or interest as the company refines and markets its technology.