Okta Releases Enterprise-Level SecurityInsights Platform

Okta Releases Enterprise-Level SecurityInsights Platform

Okta has released two new security products designed for large enterprises. HealthInsight helps administrators monitor and manage their networks, while UserInsight enlists rank-and-file employees to help spot potential cyberattacks. Both products are being offered under the broader SecurityInsights umbrella.

So what do the new products do? HealthInsights provides recommendations for security best practices, and monitors a company’s network to make sure those recommendations are being implemented. Potential examples include company-wide password policies, the security factors that are asked for during enrollment, and a block list of malicious IP addresses.

Administrators can implement changes directly through the HealthInsights console, which offers password-free biometric authentication in accordance with the latest FIDO2 and WebAuthn standards.

UserInsights, meanwhile, notifies individual employees about suspicious behavior on their accounts, such as new device logins or password reset requests. The user can then notify an administrator, who can determine the appropriate response and quarantine the account if necessary.

The platform allows enterprises to distribute network monitoring responsibilities across the entire organization, rather than a centralized IT department. Doing so increases the likelihood of finding a security issue before it becomes a more serious problem.

“With UserInsight, CISOs can harness their massive user base to seamlessly report suspicious activity without impacting productivity, turning security targets into first responders,” said Okta Chief Product Officer Diya Jolly.

“HealthInsight goes even further to secure large organizations, offering a tailored assessment of an organization’s security posture as well as providing the unique ability to automate policy responses across hundreds of apps.”

Okta, of course, is a leading provider of enterprise-grade identity and security solutions, and has been steadily promoting password-free security protocols for the past few years. The company has formed authentication-oriented partnerships with Yubico and Secret Double Octopus, and has also joined forces with Proofpoint in an effort to eliminate phishing attacks.