Palace Museum and Huawei Plan Smart Museum Powered by 5G and AI

Palace Museum and Huawei Plan Smart Museum Powered by 5G and AI

Beijing’s Palace Museum is partnering with Huawei to update its technological capabilities. The two organizations will work together to develop a new 5G application and build a “smart museum” that will make the collection more accessible and more engaging for on-site visitors and remote guests dropping in for virtual tours.

“With the help of technology, people will be able to ‘visit’ the Palace Museum at any place in the world,” said Museum Director Shan Jixiang. “On-site visitors can enjoy faster online services and high-definition videos introducing ancient architecture and cultural relics.”

Huawei will also be helping the Museum improve its digital infrastructure, especially as it relates to artificial intelligence. In addition to hosting AI competitions, the two groups plan to use AI technology to identify, evaluate, and restore the countless relics in the Museum’s collection, creating a catalogue that will help with research and education.

The Palace Museum’s current app has already received more than six million downloads, reflecting a kind of culmination of a 20-year digitization program. The partnership with Huawei indicates that the Museum regards 5G as the next technological frontier, especially as 5G networks expand in China and elsewhere over the next few years.

Sources: XinhuaNet and CGTN