PayPal Support Comes to Samsung Pay, Nine Months Late

PayPal is now a payment option in Samsung Pay for users in the US – or some of them, at least.PayPal Support Comes to Samsung Pay, Nine Months Late The option to add PayPal within the Samsung Pay app has reportedly appeared for some Galaxy Note 8 users, but it appears to be rolling out a bit unevenly.

It’s also very, very late. Samsung and PayPal first announced their partnership last July, suggesting at the time that it would bring PayPal support to Samsung’s payments platform immediately. It isn’t clear why it took so long for Samsung to follow through, but the company has developed a habit of prematurely announcing new developments for Samsung Pay: Toward the end of last November, for example, the company announced the launch of Samsung Pay in Mexico, but the app didn’t have the support of any local financial institutions, so it was essentially useless in the country. Real support for the app didn’t arrive until a couple of months later.

With that in mind, there is of course no way to know how quickly or slowly the PayPal support will extend across the US market, or when it will come to more devices beyond the Note 8. Officially, this all happened nine months ago.

Sources:, Android Police