New FIDO2 Security Key Will Be Open Source

New FIDO2 Security Key Will Be Open SourceA new security key solution is poised to further extend the reach of the FIDO Alliance’s new FIDO2 authentication standard.

Called “Solo”, the security key is currently in the works from San Francisco-based SoloKeys, which currently has a Kickstarter campaign underway to support the product. Like other prominent security key solutions, Solo is designed to plug into a computer or laptop’s USB port, allowing the user to confirm with an authenticating service that they are physically present at the device by pressing a button on the key.

But it has the distinction of being the world’s first open source security key, both in terms of hardware and firmware. That means anyone can get under the hood to see exactly how this kind of security works, and SoloKeys is even inviting hackers to play around with their own custom Solo solutions.

The same goes for Solo Tap, an NFC-based version of the security key.

The solutions offer a promising step forward in the spread of the FIDO2 authentication standard, which is aimed at extending the FIDO Alliance’s strong post-password approach to security to major web browsers. And after SoloKeys’ already funded Kickstarter campaign concludes later this month, the first Solo keys should reach customers this December, with Solo Tap to ship soon after in February.