Preparing For MWC, Solving The Password Problem, The Strength Found in Choice – Mobile ID World Industry News Roundup: Feb 17-21

It is the day before this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC 2014) in Barcelona, Spain, which means that the week that was contained the last of the major itinerary announcements highlighting the major presence of strong authentication and identity solutions providers at this year’s exhibition.

BIO-key International will be present – along with partner InterDigital – forwarding its multifactor authentication for Android devices. This will be providing a highly demanded strong authentication solution to mobile devices that still largely do not support fingerprint biometrics, an obstacle that voice and face recognition SDK providers have not had to face. It is also impressive considering that BIO-key will also have a significant presence at two other major identity industry events running simultaneously in Orlando, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada. Its an aggressive and necessary posture that really underlines BIO-key’s drive to push for post-password paradigm all across the vertical and consumer markets.

INSIDE Secure will be in attendance at MWC 2014 as well starting, tomorrow. This past week the company announced a number of demonstrations featuring its Virtual Private Network (VPN). The focus will be on education, showing attendees the ways to protect against the growing threats posed by mobile malware.

This week, Mobile ID World also published two interviews featuring some innovative ideas that readers can investigate if in Barcelona over the next few days.

On Friday, Mobile ID World President Peter O’Neill spoke with Jim Miller, chairman and CEO of ImageWare. The conversation was able to explore the companies first of its kind servicemodel for biometrics with its GoCloudID, and how ImageWare’s high profile partnership with Fujitsu is allowing for an increase in major customer interest.

On Thursday, Peter O’Neill was able to get down to the root of consumer strong authentication adoption with IdentityX president Conor White. The interview touches on the different perspective that is needed for biometric systems to start to receive greater traction, and how IdentityX is focusing on bringing choice into the customer’s hands with its new Infinity Platform (which was introduced this week).

Moving away from MWC preparation and into invisible biometrics news: ValidSoft, a recently minted member of the FIDO Alliance and proponent of frictionless authentication solutions announced that the company’s news CEO has named Adrian Kelly as chief product officer.

Finally, this week Mobile ID World hosted the latest findBIOMETRICS webinar. On Wednesday, Acuity Marketing principal C. Maxine Most lead a data driven analysis of the automated border control market over the next four years. The presentation is extremely informative and touches on the very interesting way these technologies (eGates and kiosks) may be interacting with mobility in the near future as the market experiences major growth, especially in Europe.