RE.WORK Summit to Focus on Internet of Things

RE.WORKRE.WORK Summit to Focus on Internet of Things has organized an Internet of Things Summit to convene in Boston. The event will take place at the Hyatt Regency Boston from May 28 – 29.

In a press release, RE.WORK asserted that the IoT is not some far-off future technological landscape, but is instead “already here in the sensors, devices, data and cloud infrastructure that connects the already numerous smart devices around us.” But there are plenty of opportunities on the horizon, and the Summit is meant to convene leaders and entrepreneurs involved in the IoT sector.

Among those participants will be: Bryan Mistele, the CEO of INRIX, a company specializing in real-time traffic data for smart cars; Amy Puliafito, Director of Communications at Misfit Wearables; MIT research scientist Rahul Bhattacharyya; and David Albert of AliveCor, a company exploring the applications of big data and machine learning in cardiac care.

As major IT companies and national governments alike pour money into R&D in the Internet of Things, the RE.WORK Summit is a timely event. We’ve already started to get a glimpse of the IoT future in some recent conferences, but it’s likely that we’ll see many more focusing specifically on the IoT in the coming months and years, as the RE.WORK Internet of Things Summit is helping to pioneer here.