Road2BUP: Commerce – The Roundup

Here we are: at the end of July and one month closer to Biometrics UnPlugged in Tampa, Florida, this September. All throughout the last month we – along with our sister site, findBIOMETRICS – have been lending focus to next generation commerce in preparation for the major industry event.

In August we will focus on a new topic leading up to the event, so it’s time to reflect on what we talked about when we talked about next gen commerce.

Getting Started

As is custom in Mobile ID World featured articles, we began the month with a primer, examining the major ideas in mobility and finance that have been circulating over the past year. Marketing, commerce, competition and collaboration are on on the table for discussion here, while at findBIOMETRICS we took a more biometric-focused approach to the discussion.

The Road To Biometrics UnPlugged – Commerce: Mobile Primer (Mobile ID World)

The Road To Biometrics UnPlugged – Commerce: The Primer (findBIOMETRICS)

Moving Forward

During the Road to Biometrics UnPlugged we are featuring an interview with BIO-key’s VP of corporate development, Jay Meier. The first part of the interview was posted this month and has to deal with the state of deployments at the intersection of mobility, biometrics and commerce. Stay tuned through August to find the next part, but until then here is the enlightenting discussion with an industry expert.

Road2BUP: BIO-key’s Jay Meier on Mobile Payments and Mobile Banking (Part 1)

Everybody Is Talking About Commerce

This past month it seemed like everyone was on the same page in terms of what we wanted to talk about. In the Industry News section we reported on a growing number of m-Commerce related items. New payment options, exciting reports and expert opinions were the name of the game in July, almost as if the whole world was getting ready to converge on Tampa with us.

Asia-Pacific Mobile Commerce Market To Reach $157.26 Billion In 2017

Visa Launches Device Agnostic Payment Service

Fonetic Partners With Tango, Brings Voice Biometrics To Finance

Reaching The Tipping Point For mCommerce

Mobility A Key Component in Retail Biometric Payments

Keeping it in The Family

While all of this exciting mCommerce news was happening, findBIOMETRICS was keeping the discussion rolling in terms of biometric finance. Our sister site published feature articles on the end user experience in biometric banking, three real biometric deployments in finance and point of sale biometric solutions.

Road2BUP: Commerce – 3 Deployments of Biometrics in Finance

Road2BUP: Commerce – Banking With Biometrics

Road2BUP: Commerce – Naked Payments


Stay posted to Mobile ID World throughout August as we continue down the Road To Biometrics UnPlugged with our second topic of focus, to be announced next week. Be sure to follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss a beat.