Samsung Proclaims Success of 5G Testing with China Mobile

Samsung and China Mobile have completed joint testing of 5G network technology.

Samsung Proclaims Success of 5G Testing with China MobileIn a statement, Samsung described the “5G prototype trial” as a success. The company said that together with China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI), it tested technologies including “spatial modulation and FBMC (Filter Bank Multicarrier)” on 3.5GHz low-frequency bands, very high frequency mmWave technology. The company offered no details about the performance of these technologies, but suggested that these tests are helping to realize the promise of 5G connectivity.

Samsung also emphasized the importance of its relationship with China Mobile, calling the 5G tests “a cooperation milestone between the two companies”. China Mobile has also been working to test 5G technologies with other major companies like Ericsson, which, like Samsung, China Mobile, and others, is itself seeking to establish a solid footing ahead of the emergence of the next generation of wireless connectivity.