Samsung Galaxy S6 Could be Too Hot to Handle

Samsung-Galaxy-LogoSpeculation abounds over the next Samsung Galaxy’s chipset, according to a Forbes article by Gordon Kelly. It appears that Samsung is considering implementing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810, and that could lead to a risk of overheating problems for the Galaxy S6.
Kelly reports that while Bloomberg had previously indicated that Samsung was planning to drop Qualcomm as a chipset supplier and instead use its own, the Wall Street Journal recently asserted that, according to their source, Samsung is sticking with Qualcomm and using its latest Snapdragon chipset, the manufacturer’s first 64-bit, high-end offering. That could be a good move with respect to mobile gaming as Samsung’s own Exynos chips have previously proven to be lagging in processing power, but it brings with it the risk of overheating, as reported by some Android mobile device makers. Then again, LG is using the Snapdragon 810 in its G Flex 2 device, and the company’s VP has asserted that the right internal cooling system can prevent such issues.
There is a sense of high stakes in every small decision that Samsung makes in preparing its next Galaxy device. A flood of competition over the last year prompted the company to slash the number of smartphone models it would be introducing in 2015, and Apple is eating into its market share even on its home turf. Whichever direction it goes in, at least right now Samsung is enjoying a lot of attention and anticipation.