Sensory and Aiqudo Team Up to Deliver Comprehensive Voice Assistant

Sensory and Aiqudo Team Up to Deliver Comprehensive Voice Assistant

Aiqudo and Sensory have teamed up to develop more comprehensive voice assistant technology. The new joint solution will blend Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree and TrulySecure tech with Aiqudo’s Q Action platform.

While Aiqudo and Sensory both specialize in voice tech, the two companies argue that their solutions complement each other in a way that will allow the them to offer a complete end-to-end voice assistant. Aiqudo’s intent understanding facilitates better action execution in multiple languages. TrulyHandsfree delivers customizable wake words, while TrulySecure enables voice biometrics and offers strong natural language understanding.

“Brands are always exploring ways to streamline the process of integrating a convenient voice UX into their products,” said Sensory CEO Todd Mozer. “Working with Aiqudo allows our two companies to provide the industry a turn-key solution for voice assistants.”

According to Sensory and Aiqudo, the technology has a wide variety of potential applications, including mobile apps and smart home and wearable devices. However, the two companies are currently focusing on the automotive vertical, and will be demoing a mobile Auto Mode at this week’s CES 2020 show in Las Vegas.

“Users just need to enter the cabin with their smartphones,” explained Aiqudo CTO Rajat Mukherjee. “There’s no registration required, and the personalized wake word and voice biometrics allow users to instantly access their personal apps seamlessly and securely.”

For Sensory, the demo will help round out a robust CES 2020 lineup that already includes a new speech recognition platform designed for smart appliances. The solution will appear in a smart microwave from Midea MCA.

Sensory has also released an updated version of the TrulyHandsfree platform that allows brands to create their own custom wake words. The company recently leveraged an accelerator chip from Gyrfalcon Technologies to boost the speed and performance of the biometric authentication algorithms in the TrulySecure platform.