Sensory Launches Upgraded Android Security App

Sensory Inc. has launched an upgraded version of its Android app that adds a powerful layer of security to app protection. Called AppLock, the system uses facial and voice recognition technology to lock apps as designated by the user.

Sensory Launches Upgraded Android Security AppBased on Sensory’s TrulySecure technology, the app offers robust security with easy configuration. To enrol in the system, a user simply repeats a passphrase three times while looking at the smartphone camera, allowing the technology to establish biometric templates based on face and voice. From there, the user can enable AppLock security in Convenience Mode, which uses one of the modalities to unlock apps, or in the multimodal TrulySecure Mode. Moreover, different security levels can be applied to different apps.

The app was first launched early last year and currently has a 4.1 star rating on the Google Play store. Now, with the improved speed, security, and user interface of AppLock 2.0, that star rating could get even higher as more users try out the app’s advanced biometric security.