SIA Group Opens New Smart Card Manufacturing Facility

SIA Group Opens New Smart Card Manufacturing Facility

The SIA Group has officially opened a new smart card manufacturing facility in Verona. The technological excellence center can produce upwards of 10 million cards per year, with equipment that is compliant with the latest security standards.

The new facility will offer clients end-to-end card services in addition to card production, helping them design custom cards for virtually any purpose. SIA notes that it is able to deliver at every step of the card process, up to and including packaging, transaction processing, authorization, and digital cards.

“With the inauguration of the new center in Verona, SIA consolidates its role as a reliable and secure technology partner to cover the entire value chain of e-money services while maintaining a high standard of quality,” said SIA Marketing & Sales Director Eugenio Tornaghi.

The technological excellence center will be able to produce credit and debit cards, as well as more niche cards like university cards or transit cards. It can also make cards with metal or eco-friendly materials. All of the company’s products will offer support for chip, contactless, and biometric technology.

With the new facility, SIA will be well-positioned to capitalize on an enormous (and growing) smart card market. A recent report predicted that the market would top $32 billion by 2025, with the interest in biometric payment cards expected to be particularly high amongst banks and other providers of financial services.