Star Bank Teams with ENACOMM to Bring Voice Banking to Minnesota

Star Bank Teams with ENACOMM to Bring Voice Banking to Minnesota

ENACOMM is bringing Voice Banking to Central Minnesota. The company has announced a new partnership with Star Bank, a family-owned, independent bank that is now upgrading its financial offerings. Star Bank has adopted ENACOMM’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, allowing its customers to seamlessly access account information and perform secure transactions over the phone.

“We replaced an outdated speech-enabled banking system with ENACOMM’s intelligent IVR solution,” said Star Bank President and CEO Harry Wahlquist. “The transition has been successful, and we are hearing good feedback from our customers. The Voice Banking solution is easy to use, and the options are very convenient.”

Those options include a quick balance feature, a nod to the fact that balance inquiries are the most common requests from the IVR system. Star Bank will also make use of ENACOMM’s ViA analytics tool and its Engage dashboard in order to optimize its new Voice Banking system.

 “Star Bank customers are like family, which motivates us to provide the best possible customer experience,” added Wahlquist.

Star Bank is not the first independent bank to turn to ENACOMM for voice-based services. The news comes shortly after ENACOMM announced a partnership with WRG to bring Voice Banking to credit unions.