Sticky Password Announces Browser Extensions

securitySticky Password, developer of its namesake password management platform, has announced browser extensions that will make it more accessible on desktop and mobile devices. Users can now download extensions for Chrome and Safari on their Macs, and for Safari on iOS and Firefox on Android.

The extensions will essentially sync the passwords on users’ browsers with those stored in their Stick Password accounts, which are protected by a AES-256 encryption algorithm. The extensions also enable handy form-filling functionality, making it easier for users to enter their personal data when required on certain websites.

The mobile extensions in particular nicely complement the biometric capabilities added to the platform at the end of last year, when Sticky Password announced that it would adopt Android and iOS fingerprint authentication. As we know, all new Apple mobile devices feature embedded fingerprint scanners, and increasing numbers of Android-based devices will feature the technology as they adapt the Android M OS’s native fingerprint scanning capabilities. Thus Sticky Password is able to offer an even more secure one-stop password database to users.

Speaking in a press release, Sticky Password CEO Petr Bilek asserted that the company is “always improving the user experience and now adding new browser extensions to Android, iOS and Mac to provide password security to an even larger user base.”