SuperCom, African MNO to Develop Comprehensive ‘Mobile Money Solution’

SuperCom, African MNO to Develop Comprehensive 'Mobile Money Solution'Digital security solutions provider SuperCom has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with a major mobile network operator in Africa, the company has announced. Declining to name the MNO in a press release, the company explained that the agreement will see the development of “a mobile money solution” based on its SuperPay technology.

In other words, the companies will collaborate on the development of a mobile wallet. It’s a timely maneuver, given the rising prominence of mPayment platforms like Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay; but it’s aiming beyond commercial transactions, with the ultimate goal being to “provide a range of services such as cash deposits and withdrawals, money transfer, bill payments, account top ups, in-store payments and more.”

It’s an ambitious aim, but one for which the SuperPay’s platform seems well-equipped. The company’s suite of mobile solutions includes a digital wallet (SuperWallet), a tap-based mPayment solution (SuperTap) together with a tablet-based merchant POS solution to accept those payments (SuperPPS), a digital threat detection system (SafeMoney) and an e-commerce solution employing what the company calls “multi-level authentication” (PayGuard).

SuperCom showcased its SuperPay platform at this year’s Mobile World Congress, and the company plans to show it off again at the upcoming Cartes Secure Connexions 2015. If the company has more to say about its new MNO partnership by then, conference attendees will likely be very keen to listen.