MWC 2015: SuperCom to Showcase Device Agnostic mPayment Security

Mobile CommerceSuperCom has announced that it will be exhibiting its digital security solutions at the upcoming Mobile World Congress, running from March 2nd to 5th in Barcelona. The company is going to highlight its SuperPay suite of mobile payment solutions.
With SuperPay, SuperCom’s aim is to provide a range of device agnostic security solutions for the growing mCommerce market. The suite of offerings includes the SuperWallet, a mobile app; SuperTap, a solution allowing users to make secure mobile payments even from old phones running on 2G systems; SuperPOS, a solution that merchants can apply to their tablets or POS to let them accept secure mobile payments; and SafeMoney, a security platform that can automatically scan a network for threats.
SuperCom says that its SuperPay solutions use NFC, Audio, and BLE technology, and employ one-time password (OTP) security and biometric authentication. These last security measures will likely go a long way to adding to the appeal of the company’s solutions; as more transactions are made digitally and from mobile devices, new security vulnerabilities are popping up, and many experts have been advocating for advanced security systems that use OTP and biometrics to replace the old password and PIN systems we’re so used to. SuperPay should attract some very welcome attention at the Mobile World Congress.