Suprema RealScan Fingerprint Readers Are Now Android Compatible

Suprema RealScan Fingerprint Readers Are Now Android Compatible

Suprema‘s RealScan-D and RealScan-G10 fingerprint readers are now compatible with the Android operating system, the company has announced. The development enhances the mobility of Suprema’s fingerprint reader solutions, which previously required laptops or PCs for operation.

Announced last spring, the RealScan-D is a dual finger enrollment scanner. The RealScan-G10, meanwhile, is a rugged 10-print enrollment scanner. Both devices boast of FBI IAFIS Appendix F certification.

Suprema says that despite the solutions’ expansion to mobile, their core “Machine Learning Live Fingerprint Detection” and “Multi Dynamic Range” technologies are still able to operate “without any compromise in enrollment performance,” according to a statement announcing the Android functionality.

“It is our great pleasure to introduce another advance in image processing performance on the Android platform that allows our customers greater mobility with minimum constraint,” commented Suprema ID CEO Bogun Park. “Suprema ID will keep elevating its core-values in software by providing customers with easier and faster integration to their existing applications.”

The announcement arrives just ahead of this year’s Connect:ID event, where Suprema will be demonstrating the solutions and their new Android capabilities. Connect:ID 2019 is slated to run from April 30th to May 1st in Washington, DC.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)