Synaptics Discusses Fiscal Results, Future Opportunities

Galaxy S6

Synaptics’ small-area fingerprint touch sensor is the one used in Samsung’s new Galaxy devices.

Digital interface developer Synaptics has hosted a conference call on its latest quarterly results, and according to the company things are looking up.

Setting the context for the results, CEO Richard Bergman said that “the last couple of years have been transformative for Synaptics.” He credited that to the company’s development of new products in the mobile market, which has led the company to a course of “rapid growth, generating two consecutive calendar years of 50% plus top line increases”. The latest quarter brought “record revenue”, at $478 million, an increase over the preceding quarter that defies the usual downward trend for this particular reporting season.

Bergman also offered reason for optimism about future results, confirming that Synaptics’ small-area fingerprint touch sensor is the one used in Samsung’s new Galaxy devices. Synaptics’ small-sized sensors are an area of the company’s specialty and generated some buzz at this year’s recent Game Developers Conference; and so it’s no great surprise that the technology has been adopted by one of the leading smartphone makers in the world.

Bergman added that he expects more smartphones to launch with Synaptics’ technology later this year, and went on to highlight the company’s work as a Microsoft Windows 10 partner, and in the area of securing mobile payments – another growing market rich with opportunities.