US Bank Enables Masterpass Support

“The companies also emphasized the platform’s tokenization-based security.”

US Bank has announced its support for Masterpass, Mastercard’s all-channel digital payments platform.US Bank Enables Masterpass Support That means US Bank cardholders who have Android devices can now use their smartphones to make purchases at a range of stores and other businesses, and to pay for purchases in apps and on websites.

In a statement announcing the support, Mastercard proclaimed that over six million merchants around the world support Masterpass payments, with a US Bank official saying the solution “gives our Mastercard customers the flexibility to pay how they choose.” The companies also emphasized the platform’s tokenization-based security.

While the case for Masterpass’s security may appear less convincing to some when compared to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay’s use of biometric authentication, Mastercard’s current trials of biometric smart card technology suggest that Masterpass may be headed in that direction in future updates.

News of US Bank’s support comes as Masterpass continues to expand its reach across various channels, with Mastercard having recently announced that it would enabled transactions on Facebook Messenger and even in vending machines.