Valencell Exec Joins CEA’s Health and Fitness Subcommittee

Valencell Exec Joins CEA's Health and Fitness SubcommitteeThe Consumer Electronics Association has created a new Health and Fitness Technology Subcommittee, and a major Valencell executive has joined its ranks. Chris Eschbach, Ph.D., is Valencell’s Director of Exercise Science and Clinical Trials, and on the subcommittee he’ll be in a position to help lead the consumer sector’s embrace of wearable tech.

Already a board member of the CEA’s Health and Fitness Technology Division, Eschbach expressed excitement about the new opportunity on the subcommittee in a statement, noting that its creation is “a great first step” in addressing the challenges of providing consumers with wearable tech that offers accurate and useful biometric data. He also pointed to the CEA’s role in identifying industry trends and setting standards, adding, “I am excited to play a part in this critical group and look forward to collaborating with fellow industry experts to establish technology standards in health and wellness.”

Valencell has been experiencing the wearables boom at the frontier of the industry, having seen a 300 percent increase in licensing partnerships last year, and having won approval for eight patents earlier this year. Given its expertise and its recent efforts to put wearables in the spotlight at major events like CES, Eschbach’s new appointment could prove a win-win for both the company and the industry.