Vivo X9S & X9S Plus Feature FPC Biometrics

Fingerprint Cards technology is being used in a new pair of smartphones from Vivo: The X9S and X9S Plus each feature an FPC1245 fingerprint sensor.Vivo X9S & X9S Plus Feature FPC Biometrics

Vivo is a longtime customer of FPC, having integrated its fingerprint sensors into numerous devices including last year’s X6 and X6 Plus, and the X7 and X7 Plus. The latest devices are upgraded versions of the original X9 and X9 Plus, each of which also featured an FPC1245 sensor.

News of the new Vivo integrations comes after multiple smartphone integration announcements last month. FPC’s management had predicted a slump in mobile integrations that would last until mid-year, with the flurry of new activity suggesting its mobile business is more or less back on track.

Meanwhile, the company continues to expand into the smart card and PC markets, with a new Microsoft keyboard featuring an FPC sensor embedded in one of its keys.