Vuzix Brings Zoom Video Conferencing to Smart Glasses

Vuzix Brings Zoom Video Conferencing to Smart Glasses

Vuzix is now offering support for the Zoom video conferencing application. The feature will be available to customers using the Vuzix M-Series and the Vuzix Blade smart glasses.

According to Vuzix, the new Zoom application was developed specifically for Vuzix smart glasses, and was prioritized to meet a common request from enterprise customers. The utility will enable hands-free video conferencing for remote employees. The real-time feed will be captured with the camera embedded in the glasses, allowing people back at the office to see something from the perspective of a person in the field.

“Like Zoom, the app is not only good for one-to-one support calls but also one-to-many, which allows remote workers to share what they are seeing with all of the users that have joined the meeting simultaneously,” explained Vuzix President and CEO Paul Travers.

Vuzix wearers will be able to log into Zoom and connect to a call directly through the glasses. The addition of reliable video conferencing should make smart glasses a more viable option for a wide variety of applications, and could support Vuzix’s recent prediction that Gen Z will adopt smart glasses in the same way that previous generations adopted smartphones.  

1Minuut Innovation also showcased a video chat and medical consultation feature during this month’s CES show in Las Vegas.