New Xiaomi Smartphone’s Sensor Uses Precise Biometrics Algorithms

New Xiaomi Smartphone's Sensor Uses Precise Biometrics Algorithms

Precise Biometrics algorithms are powering the fingerprint sensor of a major new smartphone, the company has announced. Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 3 features an FPC1035 sensor, which in turn is running Precise BioMatch Mobile, Precise Biometrics’ flagship mobile algorithm software.

In a statement, Precise Biometrics CEO Håkan Persson called Xiaomi “a fast growing company that has become one of three largest Android smartphone brands in the world,” adding, “We are proud that Xiaomi has chosen Precise BioMatch Mobile in Redmi Note 3.”

While it’s not Xiaomi’s first smartphone fingerprint sensor integration – its Mi Note 2 also featured a fingerprint scanner – it is a continuation of what will likely prove to be an ongoing feature for the OEM’s devices. It’s also certainly not Precise Biometrics’ first major integration. As Persson asserts, “Precise Biometrics fingerprint software is now integrated in products from over 20 vendors and has become the preferred choice to ensure a superior user experience and secure identity verification on mobile devices.”

Much of that success is thanks in part to hardware partner FPC, of course, which has itself enjoyed booming business as a leading supplier of OEMs seeking to capitalize on the fingerprint sensor trend sweeping the mobile world.