BigCommerce Gets Big Opportunity with Apple Pay Web Support

E-commerce platform provider BigCommerce is going to be one of the first to offer its merchant network Apple Pay on the web, the company has announced.

BigCommerce Gets Big Opportunity with Apple Pay Web SupportRumors that Apple Pay would expand from its current app iteration to the mobile web first began circulating around the end of winter, with Apple confirming the move at its WWDC developers’ conference in June. The move signals Apple’s intent to ensure that its mPayment platform is a serious competitor as digital commerce goes increasingly mobile.

For BigCommerce, it’s a big opportunity. As the company’s Chief Product Officer, Jimmy Duvall, explains in a statement announcing its support, “The single biggest challenge in mobile conversion stems from the difficulty of entering name, address, and payment details on a mobile device.” By linking all that information to the user’s fingerprint via Touch ID, Apply Pay “eliminates friction and streamlines checkout, thereby saving sales that would otherwise be postponed or lost.”

It isn’t yet clear when exactly the web app functionality will go live, but given that Android Pay recently announced its own web app expansion plans, Apple will likely hurry to beat its rival to the punch.