BRIEF: Apple, Samsung, and Sharp Race Toward In-Display Fingerprint Sensors

BRIEF: Apple, Samsung, and Sharp Race Toward In-Display Fingerprint SensorsApple led the mobile biometrics revolution with its pioneering Touch ID system, introducing fingerprint scanning to its iPhone and prompting other smartphone makers to develop biometric authentication systems for their own devices. Years later, the technology is now widespread, but Apple remains keen to maintain its lead by reaching the next level in mobile fingerprint scanning – integrating the sensor into the device’s display.

Unfortunately for Apple, that goal is much easier said than done, and it seems the company’s lead is no longer so comfortable as it may have previously seemed. Here’s why:

It’s still anybody’s guess whether Apple will succeed in bringing Touch ID into the display of the iPhone 8:

Apple to Overcome In-Display Touch ID Hurdles for New iPhone: Investor Analyst

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Meanwhile, rival devices are on the horizon, with new phones expected to feature in-display fingerprint sensors:

Samsung Galaxy S9 to Feature In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

New Sharp Aquos S2 Expected to Have In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

And sensor makes are poised to bring the technology to even more smartphones, amping up the pressure on the market leaders:

Goodix Announces World’s First In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

New Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensors Can Scan Through OLED Display, Even Underwater