Cerence Studies Driver Behavior at DRIVE Labs

Cerence Studies Driver Behavior at DRIVE Labs

Cerence appears to be running on all cylinders after its split from Nuance Communications earlier this month. The new company is highlighting the efforts of its Design, Research, Innovation and Vehicle Experience (DRIVE) Labs, which are currently working to design better user interfaces for smart cars and other connected vehicles.

The Labs have also been conducting research to gain a better understanding of consumer preferences and behavior. For instance, the Detroit DRIVE Lab examined the way in which drivers interact with in-car voice assistants, finding that users would like to receive proactive notifications about dangerous environmental conditions. By the same token, the Ulm, Germany Lab used gaze tracking to determine that the information displayed on smart windshields was not overly distracting for drivers.

The information will allow Cerence to develop voice assistants that meet consumer demands and make the road safer for drivers and pedestrians alike.

“We put a strategic focus on research, design and the user experience,” said Cerence CEO Sanjay Dhawan. “The DRIVE Labs are key for the next generation of automotive innovations.”

Cerence operates a third DRIVE Lab in China, and plans to open more Labs in the future. The company recently formed a research partnership with the Mila lab in Montreal, and has previously provided voice technology for car manufacturers like Geely and BMW.