New Certification Opens China Market for Oberthur’s Embedded Secure Element Solution

The latest version of Oberthur Technologies‘ embedded Secure Element solution, PEARL by OT, has received MTPS certification from regulatory authorities in China. The certification is required for mobile financial services technologies, enabling PEARL by OT for mobile payments applications in the country.New Certification Opens China Market for Oberthur's Embedded Secure Element Solution

Dubbed the PEARL 900k v4+, the latest version of the eSE offers an improved serial peripheral interface, 900KB of memory, and a memory wiping feature. Importantly, it also includes “the latest biometric-compliant payment applets certified by all major worldwide payment schemes,” according to a statement from OT. That could prove important as mobile payments continue to rise in popularity while biometric authentication is increasingly embraced to help secure associated data.

The MTPS approval complements other important certifications that OT obtained for its PEARL platform last year, including VISA VMPA v1.4 and Mastercard MCM v1.1. And with PEARL finding its way into more payments-ready IoT devices beyond smartphones, it could be valuable in opening broader market opportunities for OT.