Adobe Announces Preview Launch of Free AI-Powered Photoshop Camera App

Adobe Announces Preview Launch of Free AI-Powered Photoshop Camera App

Adobe showed off a preview of its new AI-powered Photoshop Camera app at its Adobe Max conference in Los Angeles on Monday.

The app is powered by Adobe’s Sensei artificial intelligence platform to allow users to apply powerful Photoshop image filters and effects to pictures taken with their smartphone camera. Sensei is able to recognize the subject of a photo, determining if it’s a person, a landscape, food or a pet, and automatically suggest which filter or effect to apply.

The idea behind the app is to leverage the power of the artificial intelligence capabilities of Sensei to allow everyone to make the right edits and adjustments to their photos, not just professionals and people with experience using Photoshop. In addition to adding filters and effects, Photoshop Camera will be able to automatically make adjustments in the viewfinder to the technical content of a photo like tonality, dynamic range and scene type. Sensei can also use Photoshop’s auto-masking tool to make a clean selection around an object automatically for the user. Once Sensei has pinpointed the object, effects can be applied to it or around it.

“We built Photoshop Camera as a Sensei-first app on our journey to expand our focus to deliver creative tools for everyone,” wrote Adobe CTO Abhay Parasnis in a blog post announcing the app.

Adobe is also trying to leverage the use of ‘Photoshop’ in the name of their new app, believing it to hold a certain level of credibility in the market, and are counting on it to help their app stand out from the hundreds of other camera apps currently available for iOS and Android users.

At the same time, Adobe also seems keenly aware of the potential consequences of putting out a power AI tool capable of manipulating images, and is set to announce new initiatives to address content authenticity at its Adobe Max conference later this week.

Adobe is aiming to release the app in the early part of 2020, though users who want to try out Photoshop Camera can sign up here for the limited preview.

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