Daon Partners with Avtex, Bolsters Customer Experience with Biometrics

Customer Experience Consultancy Avtex Embraces Daon's IdentityXAnother partnership is poised to further extend Daon‘s presence in the financial services industry. The company has teamed up with Avtex, a US-based customer experience consultancy.

Avtex stakes claim to being the the world’s biggest provider of customer experience platforms from Genesys. The company is also a Microsoft Inner Circle Partner for Dynamics CRM and Power BI. In other words, it’s a major player, and it has now build a new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution for the contact center featuring Daon’s IdentityX multimodal biometric authentication platform, which it will market to its client network.

In a statement announcing integration, Avtex CBO Brian Holdampf asserted that his firm “has hundreds of global clients in sectors such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Utilities, Government and Telecommunications, where securing customer access to privileged account information is paramount,” and explained that “their contact centers and IVRs spend too much time and effort interrogating good customers, just to prevent a small percentage of fraudulent callers from gaining unauthorized access.” Hence the firm’s embrace of IdentityX, which “will strengthen our security posture while making customer authentication more convenient and reducing call handle times,” he said.

It’s the latest illustration of the excitement in the financial services industry around the kind of mobile-driven biometric authentication enabled by platforms like Daon’s, and a further opportunity for that firm in particular to solidify its leading position.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)