Goode Says Biometrics Now a Must-Have on Smartphones, Singles Out AGNITiO

AGNITiO_NewA recent white paper from independent research and consultancy firm Goode Intelligence corroborates those who have been heralding the advent of a mobile biometric revolution. In Mobile Voice Biometrics – Meeting the Needs of Convenient User Authentication, Goode Intelligence explores the new standards and solutions used for authentication across a large range of electronic devices and how voice recognition is particularly bringing about the mobile promise of convenience and security.

“Biometrics on mobile devices has moved from a curiosity to a must have for high end smartphones,” says managing director of Goode Intelligence, Alan Goode.

Goode singles out voice biometrics company AGNITiO for its Voice iD powered solutions including the FIDO Ready KIVOX Mobile, which allows a user to teach her phone to recognize her voice, authorize apps to use her voiceprint and conduct financial transactions like payment just by speaking. The solution is near frictionless while offering better-than-password security.

Goode continues: “Voice biometric authentication like AGNITiO Voice iD is not only a natural addition to smart devices, it offers more security and convenience than existing speech and voice recognition technologies for a wide range of devices including mobile phones, tablets, wearable devices, PCs, gaming systems (handheld and console), smart TVs, fixed line telephones and even automobiles.”

AGNITiO’s KIVOX SDK,  was recognized by Envisioneering at MWC 2014 this year in Barcelona. In April, the company released version 4.1 of the solution which strongly featured anti-spoofing technology that can detect and reject spoofing attempt like replay attacks.

Mike Goldgof, AGNITiO’s vice president of marketing commented on Voice iD’s potential in the current mobile market, saying: “The mobile device market is ready for Voice iD as another convenient modality of authentication. Voice is the preferred authentication method according to global surveys, and has already been proven as a secure form of authentication by millions of users in multi-factor applications including call center and proof of life scenarios.”

As reported by our sister site FindBiometrics, AGNITiO announced in August the successful deployment of its voice biometrics through the Proof of Life authentication system in South Africa. The deployment, done with the company’s payment solutions partner Net1 UEPS, in now aiding millions of South African citizens who receive social security benefits and services. According to AGNITiO, this ranks among the worlds largest voice biometrics deployments, with Proof of Life having been rolled out to ten million beneficiaries.