HID Builds Sales Partner Network for NFC Tag Solution

(image via HID Global)

HID Global has announced a slew of new partnerships in support of its HID Trusted Tag Services, which allow for the authentication of products via mobile NFC technology.

Essentially, the idea is to allow an employee of an organization to verify the authenticity of a given item just by tapping their smartphone against it, with HID’s NFC tags compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It’s a theoretically simple and reliable means of authenticating products, and HID Global now has the backing of some major partners to promote it to brands around the world.

In the US, New York City-based Blue Bite has agreed to promote HID Trusted Tag Services through its new authentication platform, with its own Italy-based partner Temera to help promote it to European brands. In Canada, an outfit called Authentic or Not will promote the Trust Tag solutions to other major brands, while in Tasmania, AusNFC is using HID’s Trusted Tag solution with its Old Kimpton Distillery and McHenry Distillers web apps.

Meanwhile, London-based Skute is using the platform to enhance fan engagement with its client roster of music artists, athletes, teams, and other brands.

HID Global’s announcement of this partner network arrives in the wake of its parent company’s news that it had acquired biometrics specialist Crossmatch, emphasizing the company’s extensive reach across the authentication industry, from human fingertips to the goods they’re holding.