KeyLemon to Offer Biometric Security for Oka’s Identity Management Platform

Authentication in the CloudIdentity management solutions provider Okta, Inc. is going to integrate biometric security into its platform. The announcement comes by way of the security provider, KeyLemon, which announced in a press release that its technology would be installed in the Okta Application Network (OAN).
The OAN allows users to integrate numerous application identities into one framework, thereby allowing them to access those applications from any multiple devices using one uniform set of security standards. KeyLemon is going to add an extra layer of security with its multi-factor authentication system, which uses a combination of biometric technologies including facial recognition, motion-tracking, and voice identification.
These kinds of security measures are becoming increasingly important as cloud-based platforms become more prominent. Many forward-looking companies now want employees to be able to access their IT systems remotely and from a variety of devices including laptops, smartphones, and tablets, and as such multi-device identity management platforms like Oka’s offer appealing solutions. But with concerns about mobile security on the rise, it makes sense for companies like Oka to implement biometric security measures like those offered by KeyLemon.