LifeWatch AG to Integrate Lightweight Cardiac Monitor into Platform

vital biometrics and wearable tech

November is Vital Biometrics Month at Mobile ID World. Learn more with our primer on the topic.

Swiss healthcare technology company LifeWatch AG has announced a partnership with healthcare startup Vital Connect to integrate the latter’s biometric technology into LifeWatch’s mobile platform. The companies hope to have their integrated system on the market in the first half of next year.

LifeWatch’s mobile app agglomerates users’ health data, similar to Apple’s new HealthKit platform. With the new agreement, the system is going to integrate biometric data from Vital Connect’s HealthPatch MD, a small, lightweight cardiac monitor. This will allow users to have their cardiac data monitored in a way that is relatively unobtrusive, which should consequently result in a greater amount of useful data for healthcare providers.

The use of biometrics in healthcare has entered into something of a boom phase as the wearable tech revolution has allowed for smaller and less obtrusive monitoring devices to make their way into the market, fostering a growing number of remote healthcare platforms that make use of such technologies, from those catering to the medical establishment to those aimed at the mass market. How LifeWatch AG’s system will fare in this field as it explodes is anybody’s guess, but it’s undoubtedly a field rich with opportunity.