Mobile ID Industry News Roundup: The American SESAMES and Cloud Authentication

This week in Mobile ID news we looked to Las Vegas for the CARTES America Secure Connexions Event. Part of the 19 year long tradition of the CARTES conferences, the event celebrates innovations in smart cards and identity technologies.

As part of each CARTES regional event, a corresponding SESAMES Awards dinner is held, recognizing innovation in three related categories: smart card manufacturing, identity and emerging payments.

In the category of smart card manufacturing, SkimProt Ltd. won, while Zwipe AS took home the award in identity for its biometric access card. For emerging payments, Oberthur Technologies won with its Omni-channel Wallet.

Meanwhile in San Francisco, Opus Research held its Voice Biometrics Conference. As part of the event, AGNITiO was there with a focus on the future. Company CEO Emilio Martinez (the recent subject of a Mobile ID World interview) presented a keynote addressing future opportunities for voice biometrics in mobile security and multifactor authentication.

Staying on the topic of voice biometrics, SpeechPro announced this week that it is working with ImageWare Systems, offering its VoiceKey engine to the Identity as a Service model offered by IWS. As a result SpeechPro’s voice biometric are now available on ImageWare’s CloudID, GoMobile Interactive and pillphone products.

ImageWare also released its first quarter financial results for the year, naming a number of improvements in comparison to the same period in 2013. The release was made in conjunction with a conference call which was broadcast over the internet. A recording of the webcast will be available until early June.

Finally, Fingerprint Cards AB announced that it has racked up another design win for its FPC1020 capacitive touch sensor. The sensor, optimized for use on Windows and Android mobile devices, will be launching on a flagship smartphone made by a Chinese OEM this coming summer. Though the manufacturer is currently anonymous, Fingerprint Cards has identified it as among China’s top three smartphone OEMs.

Meanwhile at our sister site findBIOMETRICS, the news is taking a strong focus on Florida, a state that has recently banned the collection of student biometrics. This is a major news story with implications in all areas of strong authentication, including mobile Id.

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