MWC 2015: ZTE Smart Projector Wins Global Mobile Award

ZTE SproZTE’s Spro smart projector has picked up a major award at the 20th Global Mobile Awards conducted by the GSMA. Announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress, the device was acclaimed as the “Best Mobile Enabled Consumer Electronics Device”.

The Android-based device lets up to eight users connect via Wi-Fi at 4G LTE speed to project 120-inch videos and images on a screen or other surface. Judges commented that the ZTE Spro is “a nifty and useful collaboration device for the home or office, handy in almost any use-case scenario for small groups.” Accepting the award, ZTE VP Steven Mao emphasized the company’s innovation, saying that they “are shaping the future of human interaction with smart devices”.

It’s a timely device, given the increasing buzz over the Internet of Things. Users will undoubtedly appreciate being able to connect to the project over Wi-Fi from a variety of different devices, and indeed may soon come to expect such a feature as standard on a device in a connected Internet of Things environment.

The award is timely, too, for ZTE, capping off a week in which the company unveiled its new flagship device, the ZTE Grand S3, a smartphone featuring eye-scanning security courtesy of another award-winning tech company, EyeVerify.