New Apple Patent Filing Combines 3D Touch, Touch ID

New Apple Patent Filing Combines 3D Touch, Touch IDA new patent filing from Apple shows a system that could combine the company’s 3D Touch and Touch ID systems. Essentially, it would bring pressure-sensitive sensor technology to the fingerprint scanning apparatus found on all new mobile Apple devices.

The potential applications of such a system seem somewhat limited, essentially revolving around how various amounts of pressure could trigger certain responses on a mobile device. As AppleInsider points out, for example, a light touch on an iPhone’s home button could simply unlock the device, while a harder press could both unlock it and open a designated app. As usual, Apple isn’t disclosing what the technology is to be used for, but appears to simply be covering as many of its intellectual property bases as it can.

Other recent Apple patents have included a method of implementing Touch ID on a device’s bezel structure, and even a ‘panic finger’ system that would let users designate one particular finger for scanning in emergency situations. Having pioneered the smartphone fingerprint sensor, Apple is evidently intent on continuing to explore potential variations and evolutions for its Touch ID system, while at the same time finding more uses for its newer 3D Touch technology.

Source: Apple Insider