Nuance Gives Radiologists Free Trials Through AI Marketplace

Nuance Communications is encouraging American radiologists to adopt AI technologies. The company specifically highlighted the utility of its AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging, which gives radiologists access to a number of different AI models that can be integrated into Nuance’s PowerScribe reporting platform.

Nuance Gives Radiologists Free Trials Through AI Marketplace

Healthcare facilities that are part of the Nuance PowerShare Network will also be able to take advantage of the Marketplace’s new Try Before You Buy program. The free trial will allow radiologists to sample different models before making a more long-term commitment, so radiologists can be sure that the solutions they finish will be beneficial to their practice.

“As independent industry analysts have often noted, it’s not enough to simply develop AI models,” said Nuance SVP and Healthcare Diagnostic General Manager Karen Holzberger.

“You have to support adoption by giving developers a scalable market model, by providing physicians real-time clinical intelligence and solutions that are integrated into their regular workflows, and by addressing healthcare administrators’ requirements for security, patient privacy and compatibility with their existing IT infrastructure.”

Nuance noted that many of the newer models in the marketplace were designed to address the unique diagnostic challenges associated with COVID-19. The company previously released a free COVID-19 documentation template to help with patient intake during the pandemic, and teamed up with the American Medical Association to reduce doctor burnout with the new Dragon Medical eXperience.