Nuance Upgrades PowerScribe One Platform for Radiologists

Nuance Upgrades PowerScribe One Platform for Radiologists

Nuance has released an upgraded version of its PowerScribe One cloud platform for radiologists. The solution leverages Nuance’s conversational AI tech to facilitate a range of clinical and administrative functions.

The latest update introduces an Ambient Mode that sorts free-form dictation into more organized reports, as well as a dark mode that is designed to reduce fatigue. The latter was designed over the course of 18 months with input from radiologists and user interface experts with an eye towards the long hours that radiologists spend in reading rooms.

Other highlights include better data synchronization with third-party platforms, and an improved virtual assistant that allows radiologists to request electronic health records (EHR), send messages, and carry out other tasks with basic vocal commands. The new PowerScribe One also makes basic improvements to the dashboard and will integrate with the Nuance AI Marketplace to give radiologists access to other AI imaging models.

“PowerScribe One is a major advancement for radiologists,” said Nuance Healthcare’s Diagnostic SVP and General Manager Karen Holzberger. “The new design shows the importance of UX by turning the radiologist’s desktop into an intuitive workflow hub unifying reporting, visualization, EHR access, and AI tools.”

“Our reports are better and our radiologists are happier,” said Einstein Healthcare Network Radiology Chairman Terry Matalon. “There’s less repetitive and error-prone data entry, our content is more consistent, and our referring physicians and patients benefit as a result.”

According to Nuance, the PowerScribe One platform is already being used by around 80 percent of radiologists in the US. The platform itself has been a major healthcare focus for the company over the past few years. Nuance previously teamed up with Partners HealthCare to develop new AI solutions specifically for radiologists, and has since lent its support to the American College of Radiology’s ACR AI-LAB, which will develop AI algorithms to advance those needs.

Nuance has also provided voice recognition tech for the Avreo Cloud VR workflow solution, which is itself part of the interWORKS RIS/PACS platform.