Samsung Developer Conference Announcements Show Focus on AI, IoT

Samsung Developer Conference Announcements Show Focus on AI, IoT

Samsung’s big new announcements at this week’s Samsung Developer Conference show that the company is still focused on building up its Bixby artificial intelligence platform and its presence in the Smart Home and Internet of Things.

One of the major announcements is Samsung’s Bixby Developer Studio, a collection of tools for developers to help them create new services and features based on the Bixby platform. These new capabilities are called ‘Bixby Capsules’, and will be made available to consumers through a ‘Bixby Marketplace’. And to further push Bixby’s expansion, Samsung says that it’s working to enable the platform to operate in more languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish, and British English.

Likewise, the redesigned SmartThings Developer Workspace is aimed at promoting the development of an Internet of Things ecosystem with Samsung’s SmartThings app acting as its hub. The SmartThings Developer Workspace now includes tools such as the SmartThings Cloud Connector and the SmartThings Device Kit; and Samsung has also upgraded its Works With SmartThings certification program to further foster development by connecting developers with resources and expert advisors.

The development tools were announced alongside the Infinity Flex prototype display, a touchscreen that can be folded in half, for which Samsung also launched a new user interface system called ‘One UI’. It isn’t yet clear how big a push Samsung’s flexible display technology is going to get in terms of forthcoming flagship devices, but it’s clear enough that the company wants to get developers working on One UI as soon as possible.

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