Samsung Releases Rugged Galaxy XCover FieldPro Smartphone

Samsung Releases Rugged Galaxy XCover FieldPro Smartphone

Samsung has released a rugged version of its flagship Galaxy smartphone. Dubbed the Galaxy XCover FieldPro, the new phone offers Push-to-Talk functionality that will make it easier for law enforcement officers and other professionals to stay in touch while in the field.

Depending on the demands of the job, the phone can be configured to send location data or request assistance in an emergency situation. To that end, the XCover FieldPro is compatible with a wide range of third-party hardware and software solutions.

“We offer the industry’s only open, collaborative, and secure mobility platform,” said Samsung America VP Sandra Krief. “Our customers, whether first responders or factory workers, benefit from a level of customization that is truly unparalleled.”

Like any rugged device, the XCover FieldPro is built to withstand severe environmental conditions, and will survive rain, dust, extreme temperatures, and 30 minutes underwater. The phone’s data security is just as robust. The XCover FieldPro includes a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner for biometric authentication, and supports the Samsung Knox security platform that meets the latest federal and industrial standards.

Of course, this is not the first time that a Samsung smartphone has received the rugged treatment. The company released “Active” versions of previous Galaxy smartphones, while the Galaxy Tab Active line offers similar features in a tablet form. 

AMREL has also released a BioFlex S module that can turn an ordinary Samsung smartphone into a more durable rugged device.