Trustonic and Thundersoft Partner For Next Gen Smartphone Security

It has become widely acknowledged that a primary concern for the smartphone market is security. With the two biggest competitors in the consumer market throwing so much energy into mobile biometric technology and the just now being realized potential of secure mCommerce, it’s easy to see the benefits of a secure mobile environment.

Today, Trustonic – a security and trust integrator – has partnered with Android integrator Thundersoft in order to bring the former’s ‹t-base Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to a broader range of smartphone users.

Trustonic’s ‹t-base platform is primed to address current security concerns including malware and keyloggers. Thundersoft, meanwhile, is a provider of software and driver integration services for over 100 smartphone OEMs. Together they will provide partners with next generation security integrations, protecting biometric processing, user data entry, secure display of data and content, user authentication processes and cryptography keys, tokens and policies from malware attacks.

“TEE technology is virtually unknown in China, but it presents the opportunity to bring high value services to developing markets,” says Larry Geng, CEO of Thundersoft. “We believe its enhanced security will simplify user experiences, enhance the quality of services available through apps, and enrich users’ lives. Our partnership with Trustonic will deliver improved security for all.”

Trustonic CEO Ben Cade, adds, “Thundersoft excels at bringing mobile devices to market in collaboration with processor and device manufacturers. We are excited to partner with Thundersoft to bring TEE-enhanced security to a broad range of smartphones, and enable our security developer ecosystem to deliver faster payments, access to premium content and enterprise class apps on Android devices for developing markets.”

Concluding, Ian Drew, chief marketing officer at ARM says, “Security and trusted environments are at the core of today’s digital mobile experiences and economies. The combination of Thundersoft and Trustonic’s solutions will accelerate the deployment of secure mobile platforms in Asia making it quicker and easier for the next billion smart devices to use trusted applications built on the hardware security foundations of ARM® TrustZone® technology.“