New VASCO Security Key Offers USB, BLE Support

VASCO Data Security has announced its new DIGIPASS SecureClick security key. Roughly the size of a coin, the device is designed to enable one-click, two-factor authentication.

New VASCO Security Key Offers USB, BLE SupportIt’s a USB key that also features Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support, and in keeping with VASCO’s membership on the FIDO Alliance board, it’s FIDO Certified. This means that when a user must provide credentials for a website or app using the FIDO U2F standard, she needs only to provide her credentials and click the DIGIPASS SecureClick button.

The device complements VASCO’s lineup of security solutions, including its recently announced DIGIPASS for Apps and DIGIPASS: Selfie offerings, and further establishes VASCO in a growing network of security-conscious IT brands. Commenting in a statement, FIDO Alliance executive director Brett McDowell explained that taking advantage of “FIDO Certified products like the DIGIPASS SecureClick allows consumers to access applications that support the FIDO U2F standard, including Google, Dropbox and GitHub, with strong authentication that is incredibly convenient to use.”

Along with other U2F USB keys such as the YubiKey devices from Yubico, DIGIPASS SecureClick is helping to get convenient two-factor authentication into the hands of a growing number of users.