Further Web Support Emerges for Apple Pay

True to Apple’s promises, its mPayment platform is starting to emerge on the web. BigCommerce just recently announced its support, and, as AppleInsider reports, other online merchant networks—Shopify and Stripe—have also got on board.Further Web Support Emerges for Apple Pay

Website building platform Squarespace has also announced web support for its hosted merchants, and home decor site Wayfair is also accepting web-based Apple Pay payments. Subscribers to Time magazine brands are now able to use Apple Pay for their subscriptions, too.

The growing support suggests that enabling its payment service for the web will significantly help Apple to drive its adoption among merchants. It may also offer the company a sort of back door to push some merchants to accept Apple Pay mPayments in physical stores, for those that do have retail outlets. All the while, it’s further helping to spread the use of fingerprint scanning for payment authorization—once it goes live via macOS Sierra, even desktop users will need to confirm their payments via mobile devices, for example by scanning their fingers on an iPhone 6.

Meanwhile, Apple Pay’s chief mPayment rival Android Pay is also seeking to expand to the web, so things could heat up on this front in the weeks and months to come.

Source: AppleInsider