Encap Stresses Adaptability of Mobile Security Platform

Encap SecurityEncap Stresses Adaptability of Mobile Security Platform, a firm specializing in offering authentication solutions for financial institutions, has announced upgrades to its Smarter Authentication platform.

Smarter Authentication is now device agnostic, supporting even feature phones, and can be extended to incorporate new device-based authentication technologies. It also now offer contextual data on users and devices, geolocation services, an offline mode that nevertheless allows a smart device to be used as an authentication factor, and App Defender software that helps to detect and fight malware.

Perhaps most significantly, Encap is keen to highlight that the platform can now leverage the fingerprint biometric technology used in Samsung’s latest smartphones. Given the popularity of those devices, that could prove a major selling point for Encap’s clients.

Of course, it’s not just Samsung’s biometric technology that can be used with Smart Authentication; according to the company, any new authentication technology on a smart device can be leveraged into the platform. As CEO Thomas Bostrøm Jørgensen put it in a statement, “Encap’s platform allows banks the freedom to add authentication methods as they become available and, best of all, offer a choice to their customers.”

As more mobile devices adopt such authentication technologies while more banks seek to provide their users with secure mobile services, Smarter Authentication’s adaptability will likely give it a major edge in the mobile financial services security market.