Mobile ID Industry News Roundup: Apple Versus Samsung In The Battle of Biometrics

This week brought with it more news of mainstream consumer mobile biometrics, with Apple and Samsung each taking their turn in the spotlight. It was also was a week of reflection as we took a look back on mCommerce month.

Starting with Apple news, Apple Insider reported that each new iPhone and iPad version that will be released this year will feature biometric fingerprint security in the form of Touch ID. That includes the news iPad Air, an upgraded version of the iPad mini with retina display and both versions of the iPhone 6 expected later this year. This news was in addition to a patent application that the company filed for a biometric CAPTCHA alternative for online human presence detection.

Samsung tried to get the drop on Apple in terms of fitness wear with the launch of SAMI. Once a Siri-esque virtual assistant app for Samsung mobile devices, SAMI is now being positioned as an open database of vital biometric user info, something that developers will hopefully use to get creative in terms of the company’s wearable offering: the Gear smartwatch.

Two mobile ID events were announced this week, both in Paris, France. The Natural Security Alliance announced its first ever members meeting for June 5th, promising a day of important keynotes on user experience, convenience and security as well as the current issues and specificities of the mobile ID market.

Comexposium, meanwhile, announced the theme of CARTES 2014. This November the European iteration of the Secure Connexions Event will be focusing on mobility with the theme Users On The Move. The event will also be honoring the United Arab Emirates as a nation of note, praising it as a dynamic hub for global trade with exceptional infrastructures and offers enormous potential for the digital security industry.

Oberthur Technologies has become a staple of CARTES over the past year, winning multiple SESAMES Awards at different international Comexposium events. This week, the company reminded us that its solutions expand beyond mCommerce, with the launch of Guardialys: an access control solution range.

Speaking of mCommerce, this was the final week of May and therefor the end of Mobile ID World’s mCommerce Month. In our monthly roundup, we took a look back on the feature articles, industry news and interviews that threw extra focus on the next generation of payments.

Finally, this week we published an interview with VoiceVault vice president of marketing, Julia Webb. Peter O’Neill, president of Mobile ID World, spoke with Webb about the company’s ViGo solution, the key drivers in mobile voice biometrics and what it means to create a solution targeted at the developer market.

Stay posted to Mobile ID World this coming week as we announce our new monthly theme and keep our finger on the pulse of the mobile ID market was we quickly move into a very promising summer for strong authentication news. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and keep the discussion going.