Mobile ID Industry News Roundup: Biometric Credit Cards and iPads

This past week at Mobile ID World mobile commerce was the big topic as MasterCard and Apple both had news in the world of next gen payment. Meanwhile, in the featured articles section, Cloud Authentication Month continued as we took a look at three applications of biometrics in the cloud.

Here is the Mobile ID Industry News Roundup for the week ending October 19, 2014.

Apple News

This week Apple was the subject of much conversation, from rumors about new iPads, to leaks of new iPads and finally to an official announcement of new iPads. On Thursday, Apple took to the stage in Cupertino, California, announcing the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3, both of which feature Touch ID fingerprint biometrics.

Apple Pay was also given an official release date (tomorrow) and Bono apologized for forcing the new U2 album on every iTunes user. The first of these topics had us talking about alternate ways that the Apple mobile wallet could have been deployed, while the second brought us back into the ongoing conversation of privacy in an increasingly connected world.

Here are the articles that has us talking about Apple this week:

Apple’s New Offerings: It’s What You Can’t See That’s Most Important

Biometric Security May Prevent Further Overreach as Bono Claims He Still Hasn’t Found What He’s Looking For

Canada Would Have Provided Fertile Ground for Apple Pay to Grow

Apple Accidentally Reveals Two Biometric iPads

Leaked Pics Indicate iPad Air 2 Will Use Biometric Tech

Mobile Commerce

Zwipe MasterCard biometric payment card

MasterCard and Zwipe announced this week that in 2015 they intend to launch the world’s first contactless payment card with embedded on-card fingerprint biometrics.

Apple Pay’s release date had to take second place in this week’s mCommerce news. The biggest news in the financial realm this week was easily the announcement from MasterCard and Zwipe that in 2015 they intend to launch the world’s first contactless payment card with embedded on-card fingerprint biometrics.

This week we also learned more about the upcoming iWallet, and how biometrics factor into Alipay’s payments ecosystem.

Here are this week’s mobile commerce stories:

ShopKeep Says NFC and Apple Pay are ‘the Future of the Payment Industry’

Zwipe and MasterCard Team Up To Launch Biometric Payment Card

Alibaba to Use Biometrics to Say ‘Open Sesame’

iWallet Offers Consumers Alternative to Mobile Wallet: Actual Wallet

iPhone and Android Users Are Shopping More Through Their Phones, but Still Keeping it Light

Mobile Revolution

Mobile identity technologies span a lot further than just payments and Apple devices. This week brought news about a new mobile game featuring full body motion controls via 2D camera technology, new stats on mobile tech’s popularity in the Arab States and an announcement from Bionym that the Toronto company is looking for third party developers to create apps for its wearable vital biometric offering.

Mobile Revolution in Full Swing in Arab States

Totally Extreme Virtual Surfing Demonstrates Power of Video Biometrics Technology

Bionym Looking to Third Party Developers for Cardiac Biometrics Applications

Apple’s HealthKit May be Tipping Point for Mobile Telehealth


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