New Sharp Smartphone Features FPC Sensor

New Sharp Smartphone Features FPC SensorA new smartphone from Sharp is using Fingerprint Cards biometric technology. The Sharp Z3 features an FPC1145 fingerprint sensor.

It’s the same sensor model used in two devices Sharp put out last year, the Aquos Zeta SH-04H and the Aquos Xx3. In a statement announcing the latest integration, FPC said the Sharp Z3 will be aimed primarily at the Taiwanese market.

Every little bit helps. The company has been clear this year in issuing warnings about a revenues shortfall resulting in part from a build-up of inventories among OEMs, which has led to lower demand for sensor integrations. Nevertheless, the company has come through with multiple integration announcements over the last couple of months, and reported a “weak but profitable” first quarter, in the words of CEO Christian Fredrikson. The Sharp integration appears to be another mitigating factor as FPC navigates a turbulent first half.

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