News Roundup: Sony and Microsoft Enter mCommerce Fray

Last week at Mobile ID World the mobile commerce wars saw some new players enter the fray while we reported on the automotive market and prepared for this week’s Money20/20.

Here’s a look back on the top stories in mobile identity from the week that was:

Mobile Money

News Roundup: Sony and Microsoft Enter mCommerce FraySamsung Pay officially became available for Verizon customers last week, and Apple Pay scored support from a new bank, while two new competitors crowded onto the mPayments scene. We reported last week on Sony’s FeliCa payment system which will be trialed in Southeast Asian public transit systems as well as Microsoft’s initiative to revamp its Windows Wallet.

Microsoft Prepares Next Iteration of Windows Wallet

Radius Bank Signs On for Apple Pay

Verizon Support for Samsung Pay Officially Arrives

Sony Pushing FeliCa Payment System Through Public Transit


people in the information spaceMoney20/20 is happening in Las Vegas this week, and in preparation we reported on MasterCard’s itinerary at the show, which includes quite a bit about biometrics. Mobile commerce was also a topic of conversation at last week’s AFP Conference, while at GSMA Mobile 360 Middle East we saw experts agreeing on prominent user experience and digital security issues. Last week we also reported on M3AAWG, where DMARC email security was a highlighted point of conversation.

MasterCard to Discuss Biometrics at Money20/20

AFP Conference Talk to Highlight Opportunities, Security Challenges of mPayments

GSMA Speakers Highlight Biometric Solutions for UX

M3AAWG Puts Spotlight on DMARC Email Security


Finger scanner icons on black background.In fingerprint news last week we saw the Google Play Store introduce the modality to authenticate purchases while Android released new requirements on how developers are to properly integrate the biometric feature into their apps. In a bit of novelty that combines comic books, electromagnetics and fingerprint biometrics, we saw a YouTuber build a real life replica of Thor’s hammer from the Marvel superhero universe.

Play Store Introduces Fingerprint Authentication

New Android Requirements Emphasize Security, Power Conservation

Electromagnet and Fingerprint Scanner Combined to Make Thor’s Hammer

Speech, Face

face and voice/speech

Speech recognition made the news with Google’s purchase of Mobvoi and the headline that Pebble has integrated Nuance Communications tech into its smartwatch devices. Bentley made up the automotive biometrics news last week with the announcement of its facial recognition powered emotion-tracking marketing system. Sensory was also in the Mobile ID World headlines thanks to its collaboration with Cadence that stands to promote low-power facial recognition.

Google Deepens Investment in Speech Recognition

Pebble Users Boss Around Smartwatches with Nuance Tech

Low-Power Facial Recognition Collaboration: Sensory and Cadence

Bentley App Uses Emotional Biometrics to Determine Car Configurations

Apple Health, Apple Privacy

Apple Aims at Privacy ConcernsApple was in the mobile healthcare news last week with the announcement of new studies from three universities that will be leveraging Research Kit to tackle melanoma, seizures and autism, respectively. Privacy was also on Apple’s docket last week, with the Cupertino company removing 250 apps that collect user data from the App Store.

Major New Studies to Take Advantage of Apple ResearchKit

Health Researchers Aim to Leverage iPhones’ Biometrics, Ubiquity

Apple Walks the Walk with Removal of 250 Apps Over Privacy Issues


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