New Sony Smartphone Jumps on Side Sensor Bandwagon

New Sony Smartphone Jumps on Side Sensor BandwagonSony’s forthcoming flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z5, will feature a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, according to leaked photos and specs. The device is expected to come in three different models, with a Z5 Compact and a Z5 Premium (or Z5 Plus) complementing the main design.

According to speculation, the Z5 will also feature a 5.2″, 1080p screen, which is bumped up to 5.5″ with an Ultra-HD 4K display on the Premium version; while the Z5 Compact will have a 4.6″, 720p screen. The screen sizes echo recent trends seen in the high-end mobile offerings from Samsung and Apple, both of which offered big-screen premium versions of their own recent flagship devices.

But it’s perhaps the side-mounted fingerprint sensor – built into the power button – that is the really interesting design choice for the metal-and-glass devices. The placement was recently demonstrated in Huawei’s new Honor 7i smartphone, which features an FPC sensor on its side. While it may look like a design choice for novelty’s sake, it could actually offer a more convenient user experience, given that one’s digits are usually holding a smartphone by its sides during use. Additionally, it could free up space for smartphone makers looking to maximize the display and minimize the home button, where fingerprint sensors are usually located.

Source: The Verge